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The Security Survey is a necessary first step in establishing or assuring an adequate security posture. These provide proper guidance and a degree of standardization. This will provide adequate background information for a comprehensive analysis and assessment of security risk and requirement. This will be the basis for a complete security arrangement. Survey may be initial, supplementary, or follow-up surveys. Special survey may be initial, supplementary, or follow-up surveys. Special survey may be made as required. An initial survey is as the title implies, the first survey of the installation made by the responsible surveying office. A supplemental survey is made when there is a change in an installation organization, mission, or physical aspects, which affect its physical security. The purposes of follow-up surveys to ensure that recommendation have been carried out. The followings are some of the standard area in inquiry that should be covered in the initial survey.



The technology and business information are the life blood of the modern industry/organization. The protection of knowledge and ability of an industry is all important. The technology information is the target of the competitors. Therefore security of information should be given highest important. we provide the best security for all your possessions so feel free to contact us and stay fearless.



Security measures should be devised according to threat. Theses should be realistic, should be consistent and constantly applied above all the staffs responsible for implementing are trained to do so.

Personal security is of the highest important. Unless every person employed in a factory/institution in secret work makes the utmost efforts to protect the classified information, it will be impossible to prevent leakage. Every person dealing with classified information leaks out. As such there has to be double check and even more checks regularly.

In the present day condition such as civil activities and high crime rate, personal protection also to be provided to high level executives and top management.



The primary object of security in a factory is to prevent . A good security should take adequate measures to deny the culprit/intruder and thieves all opportunity to commit thefts, pilferage, sabotage and subversion. For an effective material security, a good physical security, an efficient pass system, verification of all employees, search at entrance and exit, good fire fighting system and external vigilance are required.